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We are currently the only manufacturers of purpose made 150mg baking soda suppositories.

Alternatively you can make these yourself by following our instructions. We share the 'recipe' for making these at home.



For those of you who don’t know, CV presents with thrush-like unwanted symptoms but it typically involves a pH level that is too low and an excess amount of one strain of lactobacilli.

Taking or inserting probiotics without knowing which types to use seems to make this condition worse! So be cautious here. Better to stop if it makes your symptoms flair up.


Women with CV will have thrush symptoms Eg burning and itching with irritated angry vulva tissues but traditional thrush treatments won’t help or even improve symptoms at all.


Baking soda is used to treat CV because it helps to increase our pH balance and to decrease the lactobacilli overgrowth. Women with CV typically feel their symptoms improve just after their periods or after having sex. This is basically the opposite of normal thrush.


Baking Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate or Bicarbonate of Soda has a pH of approx 9 which is mildly alkaline. Being an alkaline substance means that Baking Soda will increase our vaginal pH which is necessary for women suffering from CV. Ladies please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or advice on getting tested for CV.


We like to advise women to see their local sexual health clinics to test for CV and or other issues. it can be easily seen in a wet mount test. Alternatively, local Melbourne women can make an appointment with either Dr Helen Saunders in Malvern or Dr Tammy Herring in Brighton, or Moira from Intimate Solutions, all fully supportive of women dealing with complex vaginal health issues.


Ladies please join us at our sub on Reddit where we provide a safe place for women with CV to share experiences plus support each other for women all over the world. Plus you can make these yourself at home we share the 'recipe' on our Blog plus on our sub on Reddit r/Cytolyticvaginosis



- Pure Baking Soda 150mg with no fillers (we only use fresh new baking Soda)

- HPMC vegan capsules

CV 18 Baking Soda 150mg VEGAN

  • Last updated November 15, 2022

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