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Why does thrush or BV return? What are thrush & BV symptoms?

Updated: 1 day ago

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why does BV and thrush return

In a nutshell, BV usually smells and has grey watery discharge and thrush usually burns and has cottage cheese-like discharge. However, you can have both or you can have sub-clinical amounts that tests can’t pick up but you will have symptoms.

Periods can cause thrush and BV because period blood has a high pH as does semen. Basically, anything that enters the vagina can cause a pH imbalance. Taking antibiotics can also have this effect. This is due to pH science and is not because you are unhygienic or unwell.

Our vagina is like looking after a pool of water. We need to keep the pH balanced so that everything is nice, clean and in harmony. Just like how we clean a pool. Maintaining an ideal pH is key to having a happy and healthy vagina.

Our whole body involves managing bacteria. We wash our hair and have to always be on top of body odour and bad breath etc But we don’t get upset over these things. It’s because we accept them as part of life. Eg we don't get upset that our toothpaste doesn't work when our bad breath comes back in the morning. No, we just brush our teeth which takes care of the issue. It needs to be the same with vaginal health.

And with boric acid, you will have an overnight treatment that works while you sleep. You won’t need to worry because you will have a solution. Plus it treats both thrush and BV so you won't even need to know which one you have.

Unfortunately, some of us do experience a more unstable pH than others but it’s not a big deal. It just means that you may need to use boric acid more regularly just like some people need to wash their hair more often or floss their teeth more etc. It's not a reflection of you in any way and there should be no shame involved!

Last but most importantly if Boric Acid doesn’t help resolve your symptoms of thrush or BV then it is often the case that something else is going on ……possibly a different infection …..and further testing may be required. We can offer additional advice as needed.

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