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Removing the shame involved in having Vaginal health issues

Updated: May 17

We know that many of you likely have trauma and stress from being ignored, invalidated or gaslit at some point regarding your vaginal health journey. Especially if you have issues like PCOS, chronic vulva disorders, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, endometriosis... etc (which sadly can take up to 10 years to even get a diagnosis).

Unfortunately, vaginal health is not a popular subject and just doesn't attract enough medical research for many reasons. This means that it's important for health providers to be compassionate and curious when dealing with patients suffering with vaginal health issues. The process might take some trial and error along the way but that's to be expected..

At Serenity pH based in Melbourne Australia, we take the time to talk to you on an individual basis and deep dive into your symptoms. You will get a step-by-step plan to help you to move forward. There is often no 'one size fits all' when dealing with vaginal health. We are here to take away the shame and to help you to get your life back. We will give you the tools to be your own health advocate and to never look back!

Sadly with menopause and perimenopause, we see too many women (from 45 yrs onwards) who are going untreated during this often stressful and physically debilitating period resulting in unnecessary vaginal pain, micro tears, uncomfortable sex, and often includes many other distressing whole body and mental health issues. The list of possible symptoms due to menopause is incredibly wide-reaching and many women are simply unaware of the connection between obscure new symptoms and their hormones (e.g. depression, irritability and even increased allergies and autoimmune disorders). Not to mention the better-known hot flushes, body, skin and hair changes, however, there are many treatment options available including HRT and non-hormonal moisture options plus support.

Much of our work at Serenity pH involves helping women when their vaginal or UTI symptoms don't seem to be resolving with typical conventional medical treatments. We tend to do a complete deep dive to uncover what's really going on. And we know for a fact that when thrush or BV symptoms don't resolve even with traditional treatments including Boric Acid Dissolvables it indicates that something else is going on. We always advise women with puzzling vaginal health symptoms to get a PCR test for Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. In fact, most of our work behind the scenes is getting women tested and treated for the 4 strains of these plasma infections that are the new superbug STIs going around.

It's alarming to see the sheer number of women not being tested for both Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma when they present with often years-long issues like chronic thrush, UTIs, BV, vaginal pain, urgency and even just an itch. The gold standard for testing for all 4 strains of the plasmas is via a PCR test using first void urine or vaginal discharge. Culture tests are very unreliable for detecting these types of bacteria. The treatment is typically a dual course of antibiotics and a test of cure must be carried out before any unprotected sex is allowed. Partners too must be treated although men often test as negative and can present as asymptomatic.

In any case, vaginal health is a really important part of self-care and whole wellness. We strive very hard to spread knowledge and awareness and to facilitate the ability for everyone to be their own health advocate. We take away the shame and hope to eliminate outdated taboos around this unpopular topic. We are changing the way we all view vaginal health one vagina at a time!

Serenity pH - Dr Sister team

Dr Natalie Bassat, Serenity pH, Vaginal health issues

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