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Juno Bio accurately tests vaginal microbiomes

Updated: 1 day ago

Juno Bio does an invaluable in-depth deep dive into what's going on with our vaginal microbiomes and offers expert help to interpret the results. The test detects every type and strain of bacteria (both good and bad) present with precise percentages plus pick up the strains and amounts of candida if present. This test reveals vital information that is often hidden by other less sensitive or older less advanced tests.

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The Juno Bio test uses multiple modes of testing methods including PCR technology that can detect issues including Mycoplasma Homis, Ureaplasma Parvum and Ureaplasma Urealyticum. These plasma infections are responsible for many chronic vaginal issues that present and often get misdiagnosed as thrush, BV and UTI.... etc. Juno Bio also picks up the co-infections that often come hand in hand with a plasma infection. The Plasmas can't be detected in a normal culture test like other STIs and need to be tested by a PCR test.

You will get a very clear window into what is going on with your vaginal health. This can be very important for women who can't get answers through other routine tests. Juno Bio also provides personal help to interpret what your results mean and how to go forward. You can work with your doctor using these test results. They ship all over the world and we have a collaboration with them on Reddit where you can go and ask us anything to do with your vaginal health.

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