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How to use a Boric Acid suppository to treat your vaginal thrush & Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Updated: May 17

We advise using a Boric Acid Suppository when you have unwanted symptoms because it`s fast acting and you get to identify your triggers. However, some users prefer to use a boric acid suppository preventatively. Typically users benefit from using these after sex, having their period, or after taking antibiotics.

Did you know that you don't need to know if you have thrush or BV because boric acid treats both of these conditions? It treats a plethora of unwanted symptoms that are subclinical based on a pH imbalance. Your symptoms will guide you so get in touch with your body. Only if boric acid doesn't work will you need to see your doctor for further testing. Not the other way around!

Boric acid suppositories are like a pH spa for your vagina that works while you sleep. It’s similar to needing to brush our teeth or wash away BO when necessary. It’s a treatment that doesn’t enter your bloodstream and is really like a pH wash.

We call our treatment Dissolvables because the outer capsule dissolves. The Boric Acid itself does not stay in your body. It disperses, does its thing, and then exits. Most users only need to use one to three Dissolvables to get results. Please don't use it for fourteen days as this is a very old outdated protocol and can cause irritation. Ideally, we want to use the least amount necessary to resolve unwanted symptoms (from 1 to 3 days approx.). Use one every 24 hours and stop when your symptoms resolve.

Vaginal health is typically a very unpopular topic and sadly not many doctors care to tell us about thrush, BA or the pH science involved in maintaining our vaginal health. Honestly, none of us are broken we just have an unbalanced or unstable pH level which is easy to fix. Boric Acid helps our pH stay robust against triggers.

Boric Acid Dissolvables are also an important diagnostic tool because if your symptoms don’t resolve there is likely something else going on that needs testing.

Many of us are more prone to having a fluctuating pH balance which leads to chronic thrush or BV eg women who suffer from diabetics, autoimmune issues needing steroids, or women with gut problems.

Some women also have very complicated vaginal chronic pain syndromes and I will go into this in another post. However boric acid is often needed for these women also, as part of a multidisciplinary approach that is usually required.

Some of us have other things going on that require further testing. We can help you to get tested (bulk billed). There are hidden culprits that both trigger and mimic UTIs, BV, and thrush. eg Ureaplasma, E Coli, excess Lactobacilli etc etc

Boric Acid NEVER expires so it's always a good idea to have some handy as insurance.

Boric Acid is both a properly prescribed and over-the-counter treatment for treating thrush, bacterial vaginosis and even trichomoniasis. It works because of SPH Science and it is not an alternative medicine or wishful thinking.

Boric Acid is a gentle acid that works by gently promoting a balanced vaginal pH that helps our diverse microflora to be balanced. It also has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties plus it destroys biofilms.

If you are pregnant or have open abrasions or surgical wounds inside your vagina please don't use it and do discuss your situation with your treating doctor.

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