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Cytolytic Vaginosis CV - fact sheet on why this condition is often mistaken for 'thrush' but doesn't respond to thrush treatments.

Updated: Apr 21

Vaginas contain both good and bad bacteria which is normal. When these bacterias are in balance we enjoy the benefits of having a happy healthy vagina!

However, when one strain of Lactobacilli, the 'good' bacteria, becomes overgrown it stops being anything but good. Typically, our vaginal pH becomes too low and causes pain and burning. This condition does a great job of mimicking thrush and even confuses many doctors due to the almost identical symptoms.

This condition is called Cytolytic Vaginosis (CV) and it involves an overgrowth of one strain of lactobacilli (the good bacteria). Most people with CV experience severe pain and discomfort from this relatively unknown disorder. The low pH actually burns and causes skin to slough off. Sufferers experience significant pain.

CV presents as thrush which is why we often see suffers worldwide being prescribed traditional thrush treatments (including boric acid suppositories). However, this won't work because it's NOT thrush!

Unfortunately, many doctors don't know about the existence of CV As a result sufferers of CV are often treated as if they have a resistant type of thrush and given even more thrush treatments which only makes things worse.

It's not uncommon for years to go by with absolutely no relief for sufferers who are told they have a resistant type of thrush. And to everyone’s frustration the ‘thrush’ never shows up as positive in tests because ….. it’s NOT thrush at all!

CV involves the vaginal pH being too low which causes burning and inflammation. You might see white clumps in your discharge which is the vaginal walls sloughing off due to the acidic environment.

We have been researching and studying this disorder for the last 5 plus years and have helped thousands of women thanks to online media including Reddit and Facebook! Sadly some doctors are still not aware of CV or how to test or treat it. And that's if they even believe it's real.

We offer a treatment that works for many (not all unfortunately) by simply increasing the vaginal pH which stops the painful burning and helps you to get back to having a balanced pH.

Our protocol for CV involves inserting 2 baking soda suppositories (150mg) per week vaginally. These are easy and affordable to make at home (or you can buy them from us too). But we do share the recipe because we want all women to have access to this treatment.

We have observed that women who have been on antibiotics or long-term thrush treatments tend to be at a higher risk of developing CV. Especially women who have beaten Ureaplasma. Plus consuming probiotics seems to be either a trigger too or it acts to worsen symptoms.

Doctors can test for CV by using a wet mount as CV is easily observed by seeing the excess lactobacilli under a microscope. Evidence of shed skin further confirms a CV diagnosis.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of testing available in the wild due to a lack of awareness in the medical field. You might find that some doctors don’t even believe that CV exists Eg some mistakenly believe that it’s impossible to have too much ‘good’ bacteria.

Getting a Juno Bio test will detect whether you have CV as it reports on all the bacteria present including the strains and percentages. This helps us to go forward with a better idea of what we are dealing with. You can use our discount code SERENITY20 for a $20 USD discount.

If you can't find a doctor near you to do a wet mount test and you suspect that you have CV we advise you to go ahead and insert a baking soda suppository because this will do 2 things. It will either help you and help to confirm a CV diagnosis or it will do nothing at all. Don't worry this tiny amount of baking soda won't cause any harm if you don't have CV. So it's worth trying if your thrush-like symptoms haven’t improved with traditional thrush treatments.

Most people with CV find that their symptoms improve during their period because period blood has a high pH which then increases the vaginal pH which is what is needed. Having unprotected sex (where able to be tolerated) will also increase the pH as sperm also has a high pH.

If this resonates with you please contact us for further help and advice or join our Reddit group for CV sufferers from around the world. Over 1000 members and growing!

Tracking your vaginal pH can be helpful. Check out our shop for pH strips made specifically for measuring Vaginal pH.

For more information, Moira from Intimate Ecology has put together an online seminar

Well worth the small cost of subscribing.

Lastly CV can be tricky because there are different variations and some need antibiotics. We discuss this in our how to treat fact sheet. Plus it can occur with other conditions like thrush. Which means you can have both thrush and CV together or alternating. Plus CV can turn into or follow Aerobic Vaginosis AV or Desquamative Inflammatory Vaginosis DIV which all require different treatments.


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