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Doctors & Specialists

With Serenity pH trial packs in Victoria and Queensland



Dr Kate Naylor

General Practitioner & Lactation Consultant 

Kate is a lovely, compassionate and caring doctor who specialises in all aspects of women's health, working as a general practitioner and lactation consultant. 


Dr Lionel Steinberg

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Affectionately known as 'Vaginal Lionel' by patients & colleagues due to his decades-long focus on empowering women in the area of Gynaecology. Helping Women regarding their vaginal health including endometriosis, fertility, complicated births, contraception, cervical screening,  menopause, thrush and BV plus Ureaplasma. Dr Lionel is committed to staying on top of the latest medical advancements in his field.

Dr Tammy Herring

Dr Tammy Herring

Brighton Family & Women’s Clinic

Doctor specialising in women’s issues including perimenopause and menopause.


Dr Helen Saunders

Glenferrie Dermatology

Dermatologist specialising in Complex Vulva disorders.


Dr Carmen Munteanu

Female Plastic Surgeon at Aesthetik Profile

Dr Carmen Munteanu is a Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with an interest and experience in cosmetic surgery.  Carmen likes to approach every case with empathy and compassion, and her special skill is to precisely define patient expectations and design a specific plan for each of them.

Danni Richler naturopath

Danni Bichler

Women's Health Clinical Naturopath

Danni specialises in all things women's health including hormonal imbalances, vaginal and urinary health and chronic pain. She uses traditional herbal knowledge, modern science and functional testing to treat the whole person not just symptoms.


Dr Ruth Schneier

General Practitioner at Elsternwick Health Clinic



Dr Moira Bradfield

Naturopath at Intimate Ecology

Naturopath specialising in vaginal microbiome issues Intimate Ecology


Robin Kerr

 Physiotherapy at The Motion Project

Robin Kerr is an Australian-trained physiotherapist with over 3 decades of clinical experience. Her special interests lay in helping patients with pelvic floor and lumbopelvic dysfunction. Over the last 20 years, Robin has moved towards a focus on motion and the BioPsychoSocial model in the management of persistent low back and pelvic pain.

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