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About Us

Hi, I'm Sharon, the founder of Serenity pH and the person you usually get to chat with here. My story involves struggling with chronic thrush & BV from the tender age of 14 for decades. I know first hand how these infections feel and I understand what a harmful impact they can have on our physical and mental health!


I am very grateful that 7 years ago I finally found the answers to all of my vaginal health issues with the introduction of Boric Acid suppositories, thanks to a doctor at the Melbourne Sexual Health Clinic. This particular appointment turned out to be a real sliding doors moment. It truly changed my life by giving back my agency to manage my own vaginal health.  Plus it gave birth to my dream of helping as many other women as possible with their own vaginal health issues. 


My sister, Natalie, who is a doctor with a special interest in vulvovaginal conditions has been a principal guide behind all of our treatments and protocols. Together we offer up to date information on a huge range of Women’s health issues and have helped countless women. 

Welcome to serenity pH! 

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